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2017-2-25 · We have several turquoise mining claims in Nevada, including Pilot Mt. Our turquoise is all natural (not treated at all) is a blue to green with brown matrix. It has a hardness of 6 - 7 and takes a very nice polish. Our on stock material varies throughout

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2007-1-22 · Rough Gems: Turquoise Rough. We own three turquoise mines here in Nevada. We mine and process our own material. At this time, we have a limited amount of rough turquoise for sale. Currently, all of the rough we are offering is from the Bunker Hill mine at Royston, in

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2007-3-8 · Royal Blue at Royston. The No. 8 Mine near Carlin, the Blue Gem at BattleMountain, the LoneMountainmine west of Tonopah and the Pilot Mountain Mine near Mina would probably rank as the next most productive Nevadaturquoise mines. A number of others, with lesser, but still significant production are considered as

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2020-8-24 · For rockhounds hoping to add a quality turquoise specimen or two to their collection, there are few existing mines open to the public. In fact, the only advertised site for public touring and collecting in Nevada is owned by the Otteson family in the Royston district of Nevada.

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20 Acre Nevada Loda Claim For Sale. The Culverwell Mineral property is an established gold and silver mine located in Lincoln . Gold, Silver. Nevada, USA. Cole Springs. 40 Acre Nevada Mineral Property For Sale. The Cole Springs Camp is a gold mine and mill located in the Repbulic Mining

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For a fee, visitors can dig through the tailing piles and collect pieces of turquoise that were discarded at the mine. This mine is located near Tonopah, Nevada in the Royston mining district. This is a remote part of Nevada, so be sure that you come prepared. Some exceptionally beautiful turquoise specimens can be collected at this mine.

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This turquoise is exceedingly beautiful when set into sterling silver. The Easter Blue turquoise mine is a small claim located in southwestern Nevada. The mine is found in the Royston Mining District, along with many other active turquoise producing claims. The Easter Blue mine was initially claimed in 1907.

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2007-3-8 · A Listing of Historic and Still Producing Nevada Turquoise Mines. Turquoise and its family of related gemstones have been mined from more than 120 locations within Nevada, a number far more than that of all the other 50 states combined.As a result, the state has also produced more turquoise than all the other states in the US, with the present value of the rough produced likely surpassing 100 ...

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The Blue Bird mine is one of the lesser known high grade Turquoise mines in the Pilot Mountains range. This mine was discovered by Frank Clark and the Doyle brothers in the 1970s. The mine sits outside of Mina, Nevada USA. This mine encompased 6 claims

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2016-5-25 · High Desert Gems & Minerals has quality gem mines for sale in Nevada and Oregon, including Oregon Sunstone. VARISCITE CLAIM: Beautiful nugget turquoise mine in Nevada, $10,000. Blue-green turquoise nuggets exposed in the old cuts on mountain side. On Pilot Mountain near Tonopah, NV. OREGON SUNSTONE CLAIMS: Sunstone claims include 20 acre claims ...

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Nevada Turquoise Facts. Nevada is host to the most Turquoise mines in any state in America, and to my knowledge Nevada has the greatest number of Turquoise mining claims of any one location in the world. Nevada's Turquoise Deposits vary greatly from those in Arizona, rather than turquoise being the biproduct of a large copper mining

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Vintage TURQUOISE Cabochons - Loose Bulk Lot #8 and Royston Mine in Nevada ~ Don Dobson Estate Sale approx 1.75~3 a ct YourCrystalShop 5 out of 5 stars (4,642)

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2020-2-4 · Royston Turquoise Mine/Facebook. Tours are held every Wednesday and Saturday from April through October. Each tour consists of over 2.5-hours of onsite mining, so you're bound to walk away with plenty of beautiful turquoise in the end. This is definitely the experience of a lifetime!

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2021-4-1 · Natural Nevada Rare Dry Creek Turquoise. string (120) " $ 6,240.00 " string (1) "0" string (4) "6240" string (4) "6240". $6,240.00. This is incredible natural Nevada rare Dry Creek Turquoise. It is a beautiful light blue with a hint of white. We are currently offering these amazing cabs for $5.00 per carat.

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2019-12-28 · Much of Arizona turquoise comes from the copper mining operations, which are often continuations of old turquoise mines. The Castle Dome mine was originally opened in 1943 and developed by the owners as a war project. With the end of War World II and a low demand for copper the mine

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Welcome to Royston Turquoise Mines. Royston Turquoise Mines. Royston Turquoise Mines. Home. Turquoise for Sale. More. Home; Turquoise for Sale. Signed in as: [email protected] Sign out. Welcome to Royston Turquoise Mines (775) 482-4033 Home; Turquoise for Sale. SIGN OUT. About Us. Patented Mining Claims. Royston Distrist is home to 3 of the ...

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This is stabilized turquoise from the Campitos mining district in Sonora, Mexico. It is usually light blue to green color with little matrix. The photo on the left shows typical bulk material and the photo above shows caochons you can typically expect to cut from these stones. This Campitos sells for $60 per 1/2 pound with 1/2pound minimum ...

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2020-2-4 · Royston Turquoise Mine/Facebook. Tours are held every Wednesday and Saturday from April through October. Each tour consists of over 2.5-hours of onsite mining, so you're bound to walk away with plenty of beautiful turquoise in the end. This is definitely the experience of a lifetime!

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TURQUOISE is a blue to green copper gem mineral found in and around copper deposits in the southwest United States. The best Turquoise is found in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Turquoise is very popular in Jewelry and Lapidary. It is generally mined by hand. We have the following Turquoise mines and claims for sale:

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2019-7-18 · Mine Tours in the Royston Turquoise Mine: Tours are held April through October on Wednesday and Saturday between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm, excluding holidays. Meet at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada. Call in advance.

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2016-10-14 · Turquoise is a tricky stone to mine at the best of times, it is often found in ancient clay seams and following these can be something of a labor-intensive chore. The seams can go from being thick and full to disappearing entirely in a matter of feet and

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Color Back mine (Turquoise Boy mine), Bullion Mining District, Lander Co., Nevada, USA : Sec 20 T29N R47E. Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium - August 20-22 - Online event and fundraising auction - CLICK HERE. August 20-22 - Online event and fundraising auction CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Diatomaceous Earth mine for sale, located in Nevada, USA. Price make offer 775-764-1402. DE assets are valued at $75,840,000,000.00. Mining business Property claims are open pit and a guaranteed winning investment. Company has food grade Diatomaceous.

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Turquoise Rough For Sale. First of all, Tucson Lapidary specializes in buying and selling quality turquoise. Most importantly, we enjoy dealing mainly in American turquoise. Specifically, we buy and sell turquoise from the Southwest United States. Also, we sell turquoise

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Price: $5,000. The Perry Chrysoprase (PC 2) claim consists of one (1) unpatented lode claims covering 20.66 acres on federal land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. It is within the Central Plomosa Mining District in La Paz County, Arizona which is known for copper, manganese, silver, and gold. Chrysoprase is a gemstone variety of ...

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Bisbee Turquoise. We buy and sell Turquoise at Tucson Turquoise located in Tucson, Arizona. Most noteworthy, we are physically located just 100 miles Northwest from the famous Lavender Pit turquoise mine. Therefore, you can be confident that the turquoise

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2021-8-19 · Otteson Brothers Turquoise. Interested in Mine Tour Gift Certificates. Call or Contact us now! To order the merchandise pictured below, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. T-Shirts: $25 Each for Small, Medium & Large. Add $5 for XL or XXL | Decals: $20 Each + $5 Flat Rate USPS 1st Class Shipping on all orders.

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